Competent Person

Benefit from the oversight of individuals skilled in hazard identification and risk management.

Competent Person Services

Why Companies Rely on Our Competent Person Service


Risk Mitigation

Experts in identifying and addressing potential hazards before they become incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures that projects adhere to all safety laws and guidelines, minimizing legal risks.

Project Efficiency

Streamlines safety processes, from planning to implementation, ensuring projects stay on track.

Reputation Enhancement

Demonstrates a proactive approach to safety, building trust among clients and partners.
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Safety Oversight

In the complex landscape of workplace safety, having a dedicated Competent Person can significantly transform your approach to risk management.

Our service provides your projects with individuals who are not just trained in recognizing safety hazards but are also equipped to take immediate action to mitigate risks.

These specialists are pivotal in maintaining compliance, enhancing safety protocols, and ensuring that every aspect of your operations is scrutinized through a safety-first lens.

Discover how integrating a Competent Person into your team can elevate your safety standards and operational integrity.
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Here's what our customers have to say:
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"I went in for fit test and was in and out in approximately an hour. The Employees were very nice and worked to complete the necessary paperwork quickly. The testing was performed by DT and he was very knowledgeable and expedient in completing the testing."
—Pons Matal
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"Our company operates with a vast array of heavy machinery, and ensuring our operators are qualified and competent is a top priority. 25/8 Safety’s Operator Qualification service not only streamlined our training process but also elevated our standards of safety and efficiency. The expertise and professionalism of their team made the entire process seamless. We’ve seen a reduction in incidents and an increase in operational efficiency since partnering with 25/8 Safety. They are truly a leader in the field."
— Eddie R.
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"Attending the safety training program by 25/8 Safety was an eye-opener for our team. The depth of knowledge shared and the hands-on approach made a significant difference in how we perceive workplace safety. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about creating a culture that values every team member's well-being.
— LW JR WIsen